When we are all dead what glorious times it will be with our Saviour!

What is your perception of death? Positive or negative? Are you scared to die? Yeah, why? Is death only deemed okay when the one dying is of very old age and it is “natural”?  What about when a baby, young or middle aged person has cancer? Or when a person never took good care of themselves so they die of health issues; diabetes, overdose, obesity etc..
~I want to challenge your perspective on death. I could walk you through one of those “close your eyes” kind of processes but I think you’ll get the gist without it and, you’ll need your eyes to read. Picture yourself dying. You are on the outside of your body watching as a ghost or Spirit. Where are you? In a hospital? Or somewhere else? Whose there? Friends and family? Both? No one? How old are you? Why are you dying? Is your death an accident? Is it natural? Is it “unnatural”? Is there peace in the room? Is everyone in the room hysterically distraught? Fact: “The number 1 thing people fear most is death.” Which I am convinced is the reason why our world tries so hard to work at not looking like we are dying or getting close to “death’s age”. Wrinkles? Botox! Fillers! Face lift! Anything else? There’s a surgery or a pill for it! We all try so hard to stay looking and feeling young because ultimately old age leads to old aged issues which, leads to death. Last year I experienced scares with cancer. In actuality, they were benign tumours that threatened my life, peace, and had stolen my joy from life. In the waiting of “are these masses cancerous or not”? I felt a peace and a comfort that can only be explained by the presence of God. Two of those tumours are in my brain and I still have yearly check ups just to make sure they haven’t changed. After I got the news I was okay, I rejoiced in the Lord. I still felt a heavy darkness over that season of my life. But, I chose to see the truth that He was working it out for my good. In the middle of all of that my uncle died. This was one of those uncles who was ALWAYS there. We were SUPER close and I took it hard. Harder than any other death I’ve experienced and I’ve seen lots of death. I was so angry at God. Knowing that God can handle our whatever we throw at Him as long as we’re communicating I, began to “let Him have it”. Woe is me: “You care? Really? You have allowed these hard life challenges to happen! I know life isn’t easy but this is way too much and ‘not fair’.” Through the venting to God; I let it all out so He could come in and attempt to restore and I got a revelation. People had been saying he’s in a better place, he’s in a better place. My uncle was such a great man of God and, he loved God’s people unlike I’ve never seen. He had suffered in this world so, yes! He was in a better place. I chose to start believing that. The Holy Spirit prompted me with these questions, “You say you believe in such a great big God and how wonderful, majestic, and good He is but, you’re scared to spend eternity with Him? Why? The one who created you and the one you dedicated you’re life to, you’re scared to die to spend eternity with Him, Why?” The Holy Spirit then said, “Do you have doubt you won’t get into heaven? Do you have doubt none of this is real?” It was a big slap in the face of reality! I remember thinking later on if the brain tumours do become cancerous and I put up a fight and we all pray for healing and I die; that death will be my healing. Also, not just me but any other person that has an experience as such! My uncle had bad health issues from his past that had come to him later in life and died of a heartattack. His healing from the suffering was his death. I believe our views on death are so negative rooting from doubt and uncertainty that enable us from being truly sold out for God. We become selfish when it comes the people we love and ourselves over death. We quickly forget that our God is not far removed. Jesus experienced death; with one whom He loved and Himself and, He conquered it. Trust Him, He is simply making the biggest master piece of all time out of His creation.

-Brendyn J. Wallace


3 thoughts on “When we are all dead what glorious times it will be with our Saviour!

  1. Awesome job! Great explanation. Your grandmother, Brenda, would be sooooo proud of you! God bless you, young man.


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